There is a trend in social media for creating matching bios, i.e. matching descriptions under profile pictures. This trend is mainly prevalent on Instagram and TikTok, but it can also be found on Facebook and Twitter. Matching bios are mainly created by couples and best friends.

In today’s post, I suggest how to create your own creative matching bio that stands out. In addition, you’ll find 20 examples of interesting matching bios in English to use on different platforms.

What is a matching bio?

On almost every social media platform, users can add short descriptions under their profile pictures. These descriptions are called bios.

As I mentioned in the introduction, the currently popular trend is to create matching bios. This trend is carried out by two people – e.g. a couple or best friends – putting the same or matching descriptions in their bios. Matching bio can be complementary or be a copy of each other.

Sometimes a matching bio is simply one sentence split into two parts. Sometimes neither description seems to make sense until you read both. Sometimes, however, each matching bio has its own meaning and significance – even when read separately. Each part of the description forms an individual whole, and together they receive additional, deeper meaning.
It is probably impossible to say which option is better. It all depends on personal preferences, taste, and the nature of the users concerned.

For what purpose do users of social media platforms create matching bios?

Users of social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok or Twitter post matching bios on their profiles to indicate to others how important their relationships are to them. In this way, they want to demonstrate that their relationships and friendships are meaningful, strong, and lasting for them. This trend is more popular among younger social media users.

How do you create your own matching bio?

To create a good matching bio, you need to stick to certain guidelines. First and foremost, there are some ‘formality issues’ to consider, namely the appropriate length of the description. On Instagram, the bio can be a maximum of 150 characters, on TikTok – 300, on Facebook – 101 and on Twitter – 280.

matching bio cool ideas - listGoing forward, a little creativity and inspiration will be needed.
Here’s what can help you create your matching bios:

  1. Come up with a longer sentence that most aptly describes you. Then simply divide it in two. The sentence fragments may not make sense when read separately, but you don’t have to worry about that. This is often what makes the biggest impact.
  2. Look for inspiration on other profiles.
  3. Remember that your matching bios do not have to be high-flown. Sometimes, instead of trying to think too deeply, a bit of humour is a better choice (see examples below).
  4. If you are worried that your friends will not understand your descriptions and that they should be read together, simply tag each other.
  5. Remember also to enrich your matching bios with cool emoticons.

Matching bios – 20 most interesting ideas

Users often use song excerpts or quotes as matching bios. Sometimes, however, these are simple, short, and straightforward sentences. Below you will find various examples of interesting matching bios – for couples, for friends, shorter, and longer.

  • The Boss 👑 (his profile)
    The Real Boss 👑 (her profile)
  • My One @username
    And Only @username
  • I don’t do matching bios but… @username
    … I do! @username
  • Love isn’t something you find… [date of first meeting, wedding] …it’s something that finds you. [date of first meeting, wedding].
  • If Lost Return To Babe… 👉 @username … I am Babe! @username
  • Everything is better… @username
    @username … When we’re together.
  • Me and You… @username
    … always forever @username
  • A million times over… @username
    … I will always choose you @username
  • The Quiet One (his profile)
    The Loud One (her profile)
  • “I will follow you …
    …to the end of the world.”
  • Prepare for trouble…
    …and make it double!
  • 🎶Because when the sun shines we’ll shine together….
    …told you I’d be here forever♫
  • 🎶Cuz I don’t wanna lose you now…
    … and ‘I’m lookin right at the other half of me♫
  • They say nothing lasts forever… @username
    … @username But they ain’t seen us together.
  • “cause you can be the beauty…”
    “…and I could be the monster”.
  • I’m yours @username
    I’m yours @username
  • I belong to @nazwauzytkownika
    I belong to @nazwauzytkownika
  • My BFF ❤️ @username
    My BFF ❤️ @username
  • Love is a risk….
    …which is always worth taking
  • You’re the one who has🔑
    To my ❤️

I hope you’ve managed to pick something for yourself from the matching bio examples above. If not, nothing is lost. Create your matching bios that no one else has!


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