Has the time come for you to end your cooperation with your current employer or contractor? Do you want to part ways with your former colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere?

When you are coming to the end of a certain stage in your professional life, it is a good idea to thank your teammates, bosses or contractors for the time you have spent together. Such a gesture will ensure that we remain in their memories as kind and warm people. Fate has a way of twisting and turning, and you never know whether you will meet these people in the future.

Therefore, it is better not to burn our bridges behind us, but to show our gratitude and affection to everyone. Even to those with whom we have not worked so comfortably.

Funny farewell message to colleagues in the office – is it worth it?

If your previous workplace had a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, there were no day-to-day disputes and the people you worked with were of a similar age, you can write a funny farewell card or e-mail.

When it comes to colleagues, you can be less formal. However, when it comes to superiors or contractors, I believe that it is better to be more serious. Even if the relationship has been a friendly one. It is important to bear in mind that, for an employer, the departure of an employee is a major inconvenience with additional responsibilities.

The employer must find a new employee, teach him, introduce him, and only then can delegate tasks to him. All this involves not only the sacrifice of time but also additional costs.

Funny farewell message to colleagues in the office - things to rememberTherefore, in order not to make a bad impression on the existing boss, it is better to give up jokes and simply thank him or her kindly for the cooperation.

Funny farewell messages to colleagues in the office – my suggestions

Below are my suggestions for funny farewell messages to colleagues in the office for both long, medium, and short-term employees. If you like them, you can use and adapt them to your needs.

A funny farewell message for colleagues in the office suitable for a long-serving employee

Dear Colleagues!

We have spent X long years together. Although at times these moments have felt like an eternity (especially on Mondays), I do not regret a single one of them! I am glad to have been surrounded by such wonderful people.
Thank you for helping me at the beginning of my adventure here and getting me out of trouble – I will never forget that. Indeed, you were sometimes bitter and unbearable ;), but even then I was happy to be with you. I learned a lot from you.
Today I say goodbye, but I believe not for long. I hope to see you again soon!

Thank you for your cooperation


A funny farewell message for colleagues in the office suitable for an employee with medium seniority


My cooperation with you was neither long nor short, but just about right ;). During that time I managed to learn a bit about you (and get to know your dirty secrets:P) and at the same time I wasn’t able to get bored with your company;). I’m glad we were able to work together and meet for lunches. You are the best and most harmonious team I have had the pleasure to work with, even though most of you are total weirdos. I wish you success and good luck in your future careers.

Thanks for everything!


A funny farewell message for colleagues in the office suitable for an employee with short seniority

Dear colleagues!

Even though I am not able to stay with you for a longer time because my fate has taken me to another place, I must admit that I have already got used to you! Despite your many faults and fickle characters;D, I will miss you tremendously! Thank you for your help and patience with me and for your time. The experience I have gained from working with you will certainly serve me for years to come.

Thank you for your cooperation

I think such a funny farewell message for colleagues in the office would be appropriate.

Some people choose to write a farewell message for colleagues in the form of a funny rhyme, but I am not convinced. I get the impression that any ready-made poems and rhymes are infantile. In the workplace, you can indulge in a bit of humour, but you have to keep good taste in mind.

A formal farewell message and a thank-you note to people at work – my suggestions

I have prepared the following proposal for those who prefer to say goodbye to their bosses in a more formal form.

A formal farewell message to a boss:

Dear Mr/Mrs X

Today marks my last day of work at Company X. On this occasion, I would like to thank you sincerely for the cooperation and the experience I have gained in the position of X. Thank you for the chance and opportunity for development, the bestowal of trust and kindness.

I hope to have the opportunity to work with your company again in the future. I wish you good luck in your future projects.

Yours sincerely


A thank-you note to a contractor:

A farewell message, however, does not have to be sent only when you are ending a cooperation with someone. It is common practice for business owners to thank contractors for their cooperation. I have included what such a thank-you note might look like in the example below.

Dear Mr/Mrs X

Today marks the 10th year of our cooperation. On this occasion, I would like to thank you sincerely for placing your trust in my company. It has been a pleasure working with you. I would like to express my appreciation and sincere desire to continue working together.

With best regards


I hope that my examples of farewell messages to office colleagues and thank-you notes to contractors have proved to be just what you need and that you will use them successfully.


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