Have you given reviews to companies on Google and would like to see them? Want to make sure you haven’t written something too hastily? Or have you realised you made a mistake and would prefer to change the rating you gave?

Fortunately, there is such a possibility. You can go back to your Google reviews at any time and edit or delete them at your discretion. Today I will show you how to do this.

My reviews Google – where can I see, change or remove them?

To check your Google reviews, simply click on this LINK and then log into your Google account.

On the left, you will see all the reviews you have given. If you want to edit or remove them, you need to click on the icon of three vertical dots. This is located next to the name of each place you have rated.

my reviews Google - how to see themYou have three options to choose from:

  1. edit review
  2. remove review
  3. add photo

I often return to my Google reviews. I have occasionally changed the content or removed some of them completely. In the past, when a place disappointed me, I immediately warned other people against it. Today, I try to give companies a second chance. I also give positive reviews much more often.

Unfortunately, we, as internet users, tend to only give reviews to companies when they fail to meet our expectations. I think it’s worth working on this and start supporting entrepreneurs.

Why is it worth checking your opinions on Google?

It is often the case that when we encounter an unpleasant situation somewhere or are treated badly by staff, we emotionally describe our grievances in Google reviews.

If you are one of the impulsive ones, make sure you do not use too harsh language in one of your reviews. Although Google removes vulgar content, it is better to check anyway if we have not exaggerated somewhere. In principle, you do not need vulgar language to offend or upset someone.

It is worth remembering that no one is anonymous on the web. Every activity leaves a trace. By adding an opinion on Google, you make available to the public data such as:

my reviews Google - what data is visible?

  1. your name (first and last name) is visible on the About Me page in the basic information about your Google account,
  2. other media (photos and videos) you have added on Google Maps,
  3. all the reviews you have added to Maps.

So it is best to only give reviews that you have not been ashamed of in front of your friends, contractors or employer. Of course, this does not mean that Google reviews must always be positive. On the contrary, they should be honest, but at the same time always factual and polite.


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