Instagram has become an integral part of our lives, allowing us to share our experiences, thoughts, and moments with friends and followers around the world. While the platform is user-friendly, it’s not uncommon to encounter a variety of symbols that may leave you wondering about their meaning and purpose. In this article, we’ll decode the mystery behind the symbols on Instagram, both in the main interface and on Instagram Stories, so you can navigate the platform with ease. 🙂

What do the symbols on Instagram mean?

Below you will find a list of symbols on Instagram with an explanation of their meaning and additional information and trivia. I’ve divided the symbols into two groups – the ones you’ll find throughout the Instagram interface and the ones you’ll find in insta stories.🙂

Symbols in the Instagram interface – meaning

Below, you will find a list of symbols that you can encounter in the Instagram interface:

1. Heart symbol

1. Symbols on Instagram - heartThe heart symbol, often seen under posts, is the iconic “Like” button. It indicates that someone appreciates or approves of a post.

Additionally, the heart symbol also represents notifications, alerting you to new likes and activity on your posts.

2. Cloud symbol

2. Symbols on Instagram - cloud

The cloud symbol actually represents comments on Instagram. It indicates the number of comments a post has received, allowing you to engage with the conversation around a particular post.

3. Paper aeroplane symbol

3. Symbols on Instagram - paper aeroplaneThe paper aeroplane symbol is used for direct messaging. It lets you send a post to a specific user or group privately.

4. Flag symbol

4. Symbols on Instagram - flagThe flag symbol enables you to save content, serving as a way to bookmark and revisit posts or videos of interest.

5. Three dots symbol

5. Symbols on Instagram - three dotsThe three-dot symbol provides additional options for a post, such as sharing, copying the link, or turning on post notifications.

6. Plus symbol

6. Symbols on Instagram - plusThe plus symbol serves as a gateway to add various types of content on Instagram, such as reels, posts, stories, live streams, and guides, allowing you to share your experiences and creativity with your audience.

7. Symbol of three horizontal dashes

7. Symbols on Instagram - three dashesThe three horizontal dashes represent the menu button. It opens up various settings and options for your Instagram profile.

8. House symbol

8. Symbols on Instagram - houseThe house symbol takes you to your Instagram feed or home page when tapped, displaying posts from the accounts you follow.

9. Magnifying glass symbol

9. Symbols on Instagram - magnifying glassThe magnifying glass symbol opens the “Explore” section, where you can discover a curated selection of content tailored to your interests and preferences. It’s your gateway to exploring new and engaging content on Instagram.

10. Clapperboard symbol

10. Symbols on Instagram - clapperboardThe clapperboard symbol represents Instagram Reels, the platform’s feature for creating and sharing short-form video content. It’s where you can explore and create engaging and entertaining video clips.

11. profile photo/avatar symbol

11. Symbols on Instagram - profile photoThe profile photo or avatar symbol represents your profile. Tap it to view your profile, posts, followers, and more.

12. Person and plus symbol

12. Symbols on Instagram - person and plusThe person and plus symbol opens the “Discover People” section, allowing you to find and connect with new users on Instagram, expanding your network and discovering accounts that align with your interests.

13. Grid symbol

13. Symbols on Instagram - gridThe grid symbol represents your Instagram feed, which is a grid or collection of posts from the accounts you follow. It’s where you can view the latest updates and content shared by the accounts you’re connected with on the platform.

Symbols on Instagram Stories – the meaning

Below, you will find a list of symbols that are present on Instagram Stories::

1. Symbol with letters

1. Symbols on Instagram stories - lettersThis symbol allows you to add text to your Instagram Stories, making them more engaging and informative.

2. Sticker symbol

2. Symbols on Instagram stories - stickerThe sticker symbol provides access to a variety of fun and interactive stickers, gifs and other effects such as polls, quizzes, hashtags, links, locations or countdowns, you can add to your Stories.

3. Three-star symbol

3. Symbols on Instagram stories - three starsThe three-star symbol in Instagram Stories opens a section with various filters and effects that you can apply to enhance and customize your Stories, adding creative flair to your content.

4. Three dots symbol

4. Symbols on Instagram stories - three dotsSimilar to the main interface, the three dots symbol on Stories offers additional options – in stories it opens the ‘Draw’ section, where you can find various pencils, markers and effects.

5. Pen symbol

5. Symbols on Instagram stories - penThe pen symbol lets you draw or write freehand on your Stories, adding a personal touch, with a medium-thick pen.

6. Arrow symbol

6. Symbols on Instagram stories - arrowThe arrow symbol on Instagram Stories allows you to draw with arrow shapes, giving you the ability to mark selected elements.

7. Marker symbol

7. Symbols on Instagram stories - markerThe marker symbol allows you to highlight or underline parts of a photo or video in your Stories and draw on the story with a thicker marker pen.

8. Marker symbol with dots

8. Symbols on Instagram stories - marker with dotsThe marker symbol with dots on Instagram Stories allows you to draw using a neon-like marker, adding vibrant and eye-catching lines to your Stories for a unique and creative touch.

9. Rubber symbol

9. Symbols on Instagram stories - rubberThe rubber symbol lets you erase any markings or drawings you’ve added to your Stories.

10. Heart with a star symbol

10. Symbols on Instagram stories - heart with a starThe heart with a star symbol on Instagram Stories allows you to draw with effects resembling chalk/spray paint/glitter (depending on what you see)

Now that you’re familiar with these symbols, navigating Instagram should be a breeze. Whether you’re browsing your feed or crafting engaging Stories, you can use these symbols to interact and express yourself effectively on this popular social media platform. Happy Instagramming!


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