Instagram is not merely a platform for sharing visually appealing images and videos. It has evolved into a dynamic social space, driven by human relationships and interactions. Mark Zuckerberg’s algorithms continuously monitor user behaviour to personalize features for individual users. While understanding the intricacies of Instagram’s algorithms might be challenging due to their complexity, certain aspects are clear and foreseeable. In this article, we will explore the factors that determine the order of views on Instastory, debunking popular myths surrounding this topic.

What influences the order of viewers on Instastory?

Many users assume that the order of viewers on Instagram stories is determined chronologically, with the most recent viewers appearing at the top and the earliest viewers at the bottom. While this holds true to some extent, there are other factors at play. The following factors influence the order of views on Instastory:

Recent views and interactions

The order of views on Instastory is initially chronological, typically up to the first 50 viewers. However, a shift occurs when the story is viewed by the 51st person. From this point onward, the algorithm takes a different approach. It prioritizes users whom Instagram deems most interesting to you, based on the level of interaction you’ve had with them on the platform. Those who have engaged more frequently with your content are positioned at the top. Conversely, users who have not interacted with you are likely to be lower down the list.

Interactions on other Meta services

Instagram is just one platform of Mark Zuckerberg’s social media empire. Although each platform operates independently, Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp are interconnected. Algorithms consider users’ connections and interactions across these platforms. Consequently, interactions outside of Instagram influence the order of viewers on Instastory. For instance, someone you’ve engaged with on Facebook or WhatsApp might appear higher in your Instastory view list. Instagram recognizes these individuals as potentially more connected with you.

Why do some people consistently appear at the bottom?

If you’re puzzled by why certain individuals repeatedly occupy the bottom of your viewer list, the explanation is straightforward. These users follow you, but you don’t follow them back. As a result, Instagram’s algorithm doesn’t identify their profiles as having a strong potential for interaction from your side. Hence, their positions are relegated to the bottom, reflecting their perceived lower relevance to your engagement.

infographic 1. What does the order of views on Instastory depend onWhat doesn’t influence the order of viewers on Instastory? Common myths

What doesn't the order of views on Instastory depend on?Dispelling two widespread misconceptions about the order of viewers on Instastory:

1. Frequency of viewings

The rule that people who have viewed our Instastories several times will be at the top of the list could actually make sense. After all, Instagram suggests profiles to us based on mutual interactions and interests. In reality, however, the more relevant factors that indicate engagement, namely reactions and shares, are taken into account.

2. Stalkers

A common myth that users believe in and that makes them try to figure out what determines the order of viewers on Instastory. Many people believe that the people displayed at the top of the viewers’ list are stalkers who watch them non-stop but show no interaction. It can certainly be said that this is not true. Instagram takes much more important factors, such as likes and shares, into account when determining the order of viewers on Instastory. This is because they are a form of engagement.

Significance for business and marketing

While personal users may find the sequence of viewers less crucial, businesses and creators can leverage this information strategically. For them, data on audience engagement is invaluable. The top viewers are likely the most engaged and responsive individuals. Analyzing their profiles can offer insights into your target audience’s preferences and behaviours, aiding in content optimization and engagement strategies.


The order of views on Instastory is a result of intricate algorithms that prioritize engagement and cross-platform interactions. While the initial sequence appears chronological, it transforms after the 50th viewer, emphasizing engagement levels. Interactions across Meta platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp also influence the view order. Profiles with higher engagement are placed higher, regardless of the number of views.


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