A voucher, or gift card, is a great and practical present. It often saves us when we don’t have a gift idea for a loved one or friend. In addition, it comes in handy when we don’t have enough time to go to the shops.

Although a voucher is not a very creative gift, it is usually the right one. Many people enjoy receiving gift cards because they can then decide what they will exchange them for.

Vouchers can be in electronic or paper form. Stores often enable customers to add a note or message to the voucher, which makes them a more personalised gift.

In today’s post, I have included examples of short texts that can be written on a voucher. You will find inspiration for different occasions such as birthdays, weddings, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Christmas.

What to write on a birthday voucher?

Birthday voucherA gift card is a frequently chosen gift for a birthday. Below I have included examples of short texts that can be written on vouchers given on these occasions. Some of the texts are funny, others a little more formal. I think they will work well for family and friends, as well as work colleagues. Check them all.

  • Remember, real life and real shopping begin at 40! Happy birthday!
  • Today you’re not cooking, you’re celebrating! Happy birthday! [Restaurant voucher]
  • 30 years behind you, so it’s time to celebrate! Enjoy shopping!
  • Today is your birthday! Let this card make this day even more enjoyable!
  • A lot of wishes and hugs! Here’s a little gift from me
  • All that you desire, may it be fulfilled in your life! Happy Birthday!
  • Best wishes for your birthday! May this day be special to you.
  • On this special day, think about yourself! Go shopping!
  • This is your day! Get a bit of luxury! [spa voucher]
  • You are the best proof that age is just a number! 100 years and £100 for shopping!

What to write on a wedding voucher?

Wedding voucherA wedding is a special day for every couple. The bride and groom are generously gifted by their guests, but unfortunately, the presents often go wrong. For this reason, some people prefer to give the bride and groom money. However, not everyone is in favour of this solution. For many people, giving cash as a wedding gift is unacceptable. For them, an alternative solution may be buying a voucher. What to write on a voucher or card note for the bride and groom? Find inspiration below.

  • May this gift bring you joy and happiness. Congratulations!
  • We wish you a marriage full of love, respect and unity. We hope you will find a place for a little bit of fun too! [entertainment voucher]
  • You are a wonderful couple! May all your days be full of joy and love!
  • This is your day! We hope to make it even more special with this gift.
  • Dears, we wish you all the best on your new path in life. Our sincere congratulations!
  • Dear happy couple! We hope that with this gift we will make it easier for you to start your new life! Congratulations! [Voucher to a home furnishings shop].

What should we write on the voucher for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day?

vouchers for parentsA voucher is a gift that can also be given to parents for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Although we all know our parents well, paradoxically it is for them that we find it hardest to choose a gift. We are so concerned not to disappoint them that we often can’t decide.

In such situations, a gift card proves to be a real saviour. When giving a voucher to mum or dad, it’s worth making sure it’s personalised. That’s why I recommend writing a short text on the voucher with your thanks and best wishes. Find inspiration below. 🙂

  • My wonderful and beloved mum! Today is your day! Drop everything and go shopping!
  • Dear mum! On the occasion of your celebration, here is a little gift. Thank you for everything!
  • Dear Dad! Best wishes on the occasion of Father’s Day. I hope this gift will make you happy!
  • Daddy! I am so happy to have you. On the occasion of your day let yourself go a little crazy! [entertainment voucher]

What to write on a Christmas voucher?

christmas voucherGift cards are a popular Christmas gift. No wonder – shopping during the pre-Christmas rush can sometimes be a nightmare. Choosing a voucher for Christmas is not only convenient but also practical. Instead of buying the wrong gift on the spur of the moment and under time pressure, it’s better to let your loved one decide for themselves what they need.

Add a short text with best wishes to the Christmas voucher. The annotation on the Christmas card can be formal or funny, depending on who you give it to. Below you will find my suggestions. I hope that among them you will choose something for yourself.

  • Ho Ho Ho! Santa knows you’ve worked hard this Christmas! Now it’s time to relax! [spa voucher]
  • It doesn’t matter what Santa says! To me, you’ve been good!
  • Hey, it’s Santa, this year I’m going with the flow! Instead of a present under the Christmas tree, I’m leaving one in your mailbox!
  • Ho Ho Ho, has anyone here been good? I’m leaving you a little something!
  • Santa travels all his life, now it’s your turn! Merry Christmas and all the best! [trip voucher]

I hope that among my ideas for a voucher text you have found something for yourself. 🙂


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