In the modern digital era, communication has taken on new dimensions through various messaging platforms. Messenger, a widely used instant messaging app connected to Facebook, allows users to communicate, chat, and share moments with friends and family. However, situations arise where you might want to ignore or mute a conversation with someone. Have you ever wondered what happens when you ignore someone on Messenger? What do they see, and can they find out that you’re ignoring them? This article explores the intricacies of ignoring messages on Messenger and sheds light on what the other person experiences.

What happens when you ignore messages on Messenger?

Ignoring someone on Messenger essentially means muting notifications and preventing the app from notifying you about new messages from that person. However, it’s important to note that the person you’re ignoring won’t receive any explicit notification or alert indicating that you’ve ignored them. From their end, it might appear as though you simply haven’t read their message yet. They won’t receive any indication that they’ve been ignored, and the message thread will continue to exist in their Messenger as before.

When you ignore someone on Messenger, what do they see?

When you ignore someone on Messenger, their messages will still appear in the message thread. They will see their sent messages marked as “Delivered” once they reach your account. However, the messages will not have the “Seen” notification underneath, indicating that you haven’t opened or read them. This absence of the “Seen” notification might lead the person to suspect that you haven’t checked your messages yet or that you’re busy.

The person will also see that their messages remain in the same conversation thread without any change in appearance. There won’t be any indication that their messages are being treated differently on your end. This lack of visual cues might make it challenging for them to immediately grasp that they’re being ignored.

1. When you ignore someone on Messenger, what do they see?

How can the person you’re ignoring on Messenger figure it out?

While Messenger doesn’t explicitly notify users when they’re being ignored, some observant users might start to suspect that something is amiss. Here are a few ways the person you’re ignoring might potentially figure out that they’re being ignored:

1. Lack of confirmation that the message has been seen

Lack of confirmation that the message has been seen is a key sign that can make your friend guess that you have ignored their messages on Messenger.

2. Response patterns

If you used to reply promptly and then suddenly stop responding altogether, it might raise suspicions. The change in your response pattern could lead them to wonder if they’ve been ignored.

3. Facebook activity

If you’re active on Facebook but not responding to their messages, they might suspect you ignored them.

In conclusion, while Messenger itself doesn’t overtly notify individuals when they’re being ignored, perceptive users might notice changes in your behaviour that lead them to suspect it.


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