Have you recently created a company website and don’t have an idea for the content?
If you don’t know how to write a good description for your company and fill the “about us” or “about the company” page with text, use the examples I’ve prepared today. Whatever industry you’re in – construction, transport, electricity, catering, or perhaps something else, you’ll find inspiration below.

Remember, however, to modify the texts I have prepared to a considerable extent. Adapt the texts to the needs of your business, look for synonyms and reshape sentence order so that Google’s algorithm does not consider the content on your site to be duplicated.
Otherwise, your site may be ‘punished’ with filters from Google and kicked out of the index. Your best bet is to check the uniqueness of your finished text with a free plagiarism spotting tool, for example on THIS PAGE.

Let’s move on to the substance of today’s post that are examples of company descriptions for various industries.

Company descriptions, “About Us” page – examples

I have prepared 4 examples for you – a sample description for a renovation and construction company, a transport company, an electrical company and a catering company.
Once again, I warn you against duplicating content. Treat the descriptions below as inspiration only – adapt the texts to your needs, change them, and then make sure that your content is not plagiarised.

Bear in mind that the examples of descriptions I have included in this post are quite general. To make your description unique and personalised, add something more from yourself. Introduce your team, share the history of the company, or outline its mission and values. Every company is different, with diverse strengths and individual characteristics. Therefore, your company description should be unique and one-of-a-kind. 🙂

You can find examples of company descriptions below:

Example 1. Description of a renovation and construction company

We are a company from X (name of the city), which has been providing reliable renovation and construction services for X years. We have X successful projects to our credit and our commitment is evidenced by the multitude of satisfied customers and business partners. We carry out each job with the utmost care and precision. We successfully combine traditional methods with the latest technological developments. We deal with all kinds of construction, installation, renovation and maintenance work. Our professional background and experience range from the construction and renovation of houses to spectacular commercial buildings. We operate nationwide, providing services as a general contractor and finishing company.

We enjoy a reputation and trust because we do everything to satisfy our customers. By choosing us, you can be sure that your project will be perfected in every detail and executed with the utmost care.

Thanks to us, you will spare the worries connected with the planned construction.

We encourage you to familiarise yourself with our offer. 🙂

Example 2. Description of the transport company

(Name of the company) has been operating and continuously developing since (year). During this time, we have gained extensive experience in the transport industry and built a reputation as a trusted partner for many customers. We are an English, family-owned company with values. We cater for small local businesses as well as large international corporations. We provide a professional service for domestic and international transport of all loads, regardless of size. We offer clear and transparent terms and conditions of cooperation that guarantee certainty and security. We take into account the visions and expectations of our partners and offer them the best solutions at the most favourable prices. We know that budget has a key role in business, which is why we do everything we can to keep transport operating costs as low as possible.

We offer individual vehicle selection for the mode of transport, optimum transit times, and flexible delivery times. Our fleet consists of vehicles equipped with the necessary elements for logistics operations.

Example 3. Description of an electric company

(Name of the company) was founded in (year). We have been providing electrical services for over X years, operating nationwide. We are an English, family-run company whose aim is to ensure the satisfaction and enjoyment of our customers. Our offer is aimed at both individual customers and small and large businesses.

We approach the work entrusted to us with due responsibility and reliability. We employ only experienced professionals with the necessary electrical qualifications. Our knowledge and experience allow us to provide services following the law and the applicable norms and safety standards. We take care to ensure the comfort and safety of our customers during the daily use of electrical equipment and installations.

We are involved in both reliable execution and design of electrical installations. We offer comprehensive services such as electrical measurements, designs of entire power supply systems, replacement of installations, building inspections, making new lightning protection installations and others.

Our customers gain a guarantee of satisfaction. Feel free to contact us.

Example 4. Description of a catering company

We are a company with traditions, which focuses on taste and high-quality products.
We have been catering for X years. We offer a wide range of services such as catering, staff canteen and buffet service and culinary support for events and cultural activities. We prepare all our meals with our own hands, putting our hearts and love for food into it. We only source from local, reliable producers and farmers, for whom providing fresh and tasty food is a mission. We specialise in traditional cuisine, to which we introduce modern and unconventional solutions.

In our cuisine you will search in vain for ready-made mixes and semi-finished products – we prepare everything ourselves, from A to Z. We train and visit restaurants all over the country in order to draw inspiration and provide you with the best possible taste experience. We invite you to contact us and make use of our services.

How to write a good company description? How do I fill in the “About us” page with content?

How to write a good company description? 5 elementsA good company description is one that encourages a potential customer to interact. On the “About us” page, it is a good idea to use the ‘language of benefits’, write about what makes the company special, and what the customer can gain by choosing to cooperate with us. If you want to write a good company description yourself, bear in mind a few essential elements.

1. Uniqueness

A company description should be unique and original. After all, its task is to introduce potential customers to our company. That is why it is worth enriching the “About us” section with information specific only to the company, i.e. share its beginnings, mention its development path, and list features and achievements that the competition does not have. It is also worth showing the ‘human face’ of the company by describing the team and its values.

2. Brevity

A description of a company can only be long if its story is fascinating enough not to bore or discourage the viewer from interacting. It is worth describing aspects such as the company’s beginnings or its mission statement, but be sure to answer the most important question – what the company does. It is also important that the content of the “About Us” page is clear and comprehensible to the recipient.

3. Authenticity

When describing the company, it is a good idea to use the so-called ‘language of benefits’ and focus on what the potential customer can gain by choosing to cooperate. Keep in mind, however, that the “About Us” section is not the place for empty boasting. It is better to avoid banal phrases such as “the best company”, “No. 1 in the United Kingdom” or “the leader”. These types of phrases are overused and recipients are sensitive to them. It is better to boast about the company’s specific achievements.

4. Tailoring to the audience

When creating content for a company’s website, it is important to bear in mind who you are targeting with your communication. In some cases, casualness and nonchalance are advisable, in others it is far better to use official language. It all depends on who your potential customer is and what image you want to create for your company. It is worth thinking it through.

5. Uniqueness

I don’t think I need to convince anyone that the text on the “About Us” page, as well as on every other sub-page, should be unique. It is not a good idea to duplicate content from other websites, as this is illegal and is an infringement that Google would not tolerate. If we want to be visible on the Internet, we have to bet on good, unique content.

Why is a company description so important?

The “About Us” page is very frequently visited, both by potential customers and business partners as well as employees. On the basis of the company description, recipients make choices to learn more about the offer and make contact.

This is why it is so important to put effort into writing a good text for this subpage.

The company description is a confirmation of the company’s credibility, a chance to show a genuine, “human” side to potential customers and employees and to gain trust. Above all, however, an encouraging company description is a chance to grow your business and make fruitful sales.

I hope that, with my examples and tips, you will manage to write a unique and encouraging description for your company. I wish you good luck in developing your business. 🙂


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