Are you planning to start your own blog, a social media profile or want to start a business but don’t have an idea for a name? Wondering what name to come up with to attract your audience and customers? In today’s post, I’ll try to give you some tips on how to come up with a great name for your business, website, and social media accounts.

Creative name for a blog or fanpage on Instagram and Facebook – what should it be?

Creative name for a blog or fanpage on Instagram and Facebook - graphicIf you’ve already thought about how to name your website, blog or social media profiles, you certainly know that it’s not easy.
Choosing a name is a bit of a hassle – we are usually stuck with it for a long time.

When we choose a name, we simultaneously buy a domain and build a community around our “brand” on social media profiles. Therefore, changing the name over time can be risky and result in having to build the brand from scratch – once again investing time and money in its development.

So it is better to think carefully and consider a few things.

How have I found a name for my blog?

When looking for a name for the blog, I considered three possibilities:

  1. a name based on my first and last name,
  2. a name related to my online activity,
  3. a name based on specific keywords related to my services.

In the end, I chose option number 2 and created the name I Love Content.

Why did I reject option number 1? I was a little overwhelmed by the prospect of my name appearing frequently in Google search results.
On the one hand, I was keen to build a personal brand, but on the other hand, I didn’t want to flaunt my personal information on the web.

Many digital creators choose to do this and it certainly has many benefits – a blog, Facebook page or Instagram profile builds our name recognition. I, however, have found that this is not the solution for me. After all, the best blog name is one that we feel comfortable with and confident in.

I think that when choosing a name for your blog or fanpage you should think about how your brand might evolve in the future. There’s no point in closing your doors and limiting yourself too much.

Name of the Facebook group

While I believe that the name of a blog or Facebook page should not predetermine a very narrow topic, when it comes to Facebook groups I have a different opinion. Groups serve the purpose of allowing people interested in a particular topic to discuss and exchange their experiences.

This is why it is so important that the members are as similar as possible to each other – they share the same goals, interests and plans. Only then will the discussion in the group be lively and the participants really get involved.

Admittedly, a group with a generic name such as “Marketing” may encourage more people to join, but the activity of the participants is more important than the number.

I believe that the group name should relate to a specific topic. It should be clear to potential new members whether the group is for them or not.

If the group is to be about digital marketing or social media promotion, for example, the name should directly indicate this. A generic name such as “Marketing” may be just as associated with online marketing as with offline marketing, while these are completely different branches.

Where to get an idea for a company name

company name - graphicIf you are at the stage of setting up a business you are facing quite a challenge. You may be wondering whether the name of your company should relate to its activities or whether it is better to come up with something more unobvious. Should it have an English name or a foreign name, like for example French? There are actually no specific rules in this.

There are companies whose names are directly indicative of the services they offer, such as My Taxi, while on the other hand, the names of some companies are not associated with them at all, such as Uber or Bolt. A good example of a company that has acted out of the box is Apple. The name of one of the most recognisable technology brands in the world is related to a fruit.

In my opinion, coming up with an unobvious name can bring a lot of benefits. The Uber or Bolt brands certainly stand out from similar taxi company names.

However, I believe that this is not a good solution for everyone. A local or just a small company that doesn’t have a big budget to advertise and make customers aware of its business should rather lean towards obvious solutions. However, this does not mean that the name should be boring. After all, it is possible to create a name that is both original and easy to associate with the company’s services.

It is difficult to say whether the company should have an English name or a foreign name. English names are easier to remember, foreign names, on the other hand, stand out more.

In summary, the name of a blog, social media profile or company should be simple but creative. Creativity, however, does not mean being deliberately bizarre or trying to be original. The choice of name should come from the heart – it is worth listening to your intuition.


Hi, my name is Marta. I am a content marketing specialist and copywriter with over 10 years of experience. On my blog I cover topics related to marketing, copywriting and blogging.

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