Probably all of us, when browsing an interesting profile on Instagram, have been curious to find out who is behind it. Checking who an account on Instagram belongs to is easier than it sounds. Especially if there is also a link to a website on the profile.

Below you will find various ways to find out about the owners of Instagram profiles.

How to find out who an Instagram account belongs to? 3 ways

Here are 3 different possibilities to find out who the account on Instagram belongs to:

1. Check the profile information, story highlights and link in the bio

How to find out who an Instagram account belongs to - check profile informationVery often we can find out who an Instagram account belongs to by doing our thorough research. Instagram creators often include information about themselves in a story highlight called “About me”, “Start here” or in their bio. Many also introduce themselves in the first post. It’s worth scrolling down the profile to the bottom to check it out. If there are too many posts to do this manually, installing an autoscroll app, such as Smart Scroll, may be a good solution.

If the creator has included a link to their website in the bio, getting information about their identity may be even easier. I recommend reviewing the contact tab on the website, as well as the privacy policy. Even if the contact tab does not contain information on the owner/administrator of the website and profile, the privacy policy should contain such information.

If the creator runs the company as a partnership, the matter may be a little more complicated. In contrast to a sole proprietorship, there is no obligation to include the name of the owner in the company name. Furthermore, there may be several owners. It is also difficult to determine who manages the social media profiles of larger companies. It may be one of the company’s employees or a marketing agency.

While it is quite easy to determine who owns an Instagram account when dealing with a small entrepreneur, it is rather impossible for larger companies and corporations.

2. Ask the creator

How to find out who an Instagram account belongs to - ask the creatorI realise that you didn’t search the net for information on how to find out who owns an Instagram account to get the answer: “Just ask”. Despite appearances, however, this is a very good way to find out. People who run anonymous profiles on Instagram generally do so because they are ashamed of a wide audience. However, if you form a bond with the creator in question and start supporting each other, responding to each other’s content and exchanging messages, you are more likely to get this information without a problem.

Sometimes just a nice message saying that you like the person’s profile and would really like to know who is behind it is enough. In a message to a stranger, it is worth writing a few words about yourself. This will make it easier to gain the recipient’s trust and they will understand that you have no bad intentions.

3. Do some research on Google

How to find out who an Instagram account belongs to - check on GoogleSometimes we can read more information on the net than from an Instagram profile. When a creator on Instagram doesn’t have information about himself or herself provided, nor does he or she have a website, it’s worth typing their profile name into a search engine.

Looking for information about some creators online, I found interviews with them on various niche blogs. On social media, these people did not give their details, but I found out their names from the interviews.

It is also common for Instagram creators to advertise on various freelance job sites, such as Useme or Upwork. Useme is often used by those creators who are not running a business. Entering the profile name in Google often helps to identify who the account belongs to on Instagram.

Is it possible to find out who an Instagram account belongs to using the app?

While searching for the information needed to write this article, I found that there are third-party apps that allow you to check who owns an Instagram account. These include BeenVerified, Spokeo and PeopleLooker, for example. However, after typing these names into Google and finding the links to the sites, I was severely disappointed.

The sites do not work and I do not know whether this is a question of blocked access from my country (Poland) or whether the reason lies somewhere else. Perhaps the sites have been blocked because of a breach of the rules. Every time I opened the links, the message “Access denied” was displayed. Given that it is not clear how these tools work and whether they are secure, I would rather not use them anyway. Moreover, from what I have read on other sites, access to these applications is paid.

In conclusion, there is no direct way to find out who the account on Instagram belongs to but we can find it out by doing research on IG or Google. We can also ask the creator himself. I recommend using only legal solutions and discourage the use of any third-party applications. No one knows what the risks are of using them and what the consequences will be in the future. I think that the desire to satisfy curiosity is not worth any, even the slightest, risk.


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