Navigating through the realm of social media while maintaining one’s privacy can be a challenge. Many users are curious if it’s possible to view Facebook Stories anonymously, ensuring their views remain unseen by the story’s poster. In this article, I delve directly into four methods that aim to make this possible. From the commonly employed airplane mode trick to the strategic yet risky temporary block, each approach is assessed for its effectiveness and ethical implications. I also explore the precarious terrain of third-party applications, evaluate the creation of fake accounts, and unveil the ‘stop and go back’ technique as a potential pathway to anonymous viewing. Join me as I dissect each method, laying bare its pros, cons, and ethical considerations.

How to view Facebook stories anonymously? 4 methods

How to view Facebook story anonymously? 3 waysBelow you will find 4 different ways to view a Facebook story anonymously. Familiarize yourself with the description of each method and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Method I: Activate airplane mode (offline mode) on your phone

Wait for the story to load while you’re online, switch your phone to airplane mode, and then view the story. Since you’re offline, your view might not be registered, but this isn’t a foolproof method, because there are instances where the view can still be registered once you’re back online. The application might cache the view and report it back to the server once the device is reconnected to the internet. Additionally, frequent use of this method could lead to inconsistencies in the app’s performance or errors in displaying story views accurately. It’s essential to consider these potential drawbacks while utilizing this approach to view stories anonymously.

How to view Facebook story anonymously - flight mode

Method II: Stop the Facebook story and go back

The “stop and go back” technique is another tactical approach for those aiming to view Facebook stories without leaving a trace. This method relies heavily on timing and swift manoeuvring within the platform.

In this strategy, a user clicks to view the story and then halts it as it initiates the loading process. By pausing the loading and then swiftly exiting before the story fully materializes on the screen, there’s a chance that the viewer may not register to the original poster, thus maintaining the viewer’s anonymity.

If, despite the risks of this method, you would like to try it out, check step-by-step instructions on how to do so:

  1. Log in to the Facebook app on your phone and select the story you want to view anonymously,
  2. hold your finger on the screen in the middle of the story to pause it,How to view Facebook story anonymously - stop the story and go back
  3. then swipe left in a decisive motion.

Bear in mind that the above method is not 100% effective.

Method III: Block the user

A temporary block on Facebook can offer a means to view someone’s story without them knowing. This strategy entails initiating a block after viewing the story, ensuring your view remains unregistered. It’s a manoeuvre that requires strategic timing and an understanding of the implications involved.

Here, the time of actions is crucial. The story is viewed first, and immediately afterwards, the user is blocked.

  1. Log in to the Facebook app and view the story you want,
  2. after seeing it, block the poster by going to his or her profile, clicking on the three horizontal dots icon and selecting ‘Block’.How to view Facebook story anonymously - block the user

If you wish, you can unblock your friend after 24 hours, however, this will not automatically make you friends on Facebook again.

Method IV. Check if the user has added a story on Instagram and use an online tool

How to view Facebook story anonymously - check IGMany users post the same stories on both Facebook and Instagram. While it’s tough to view Facebook stories anonymously because there aren’t many tools for it, Instagram stories are easier thanks to websites like You can use these tools to view someone’s Instagram story without them knowing, which is handy if they’ve posted the same content on Facebook. It’s a simpler way to see the story anonymously without the challenges posed by Facebook’s strict privacy settings.

Viewing stories on Facebook anonymously – summary

In exploring ways to view Facebook stories anonymously, you have a few options. The airplane mode and “stop and go back” techniques are about quick timing and manipulating the app’s functionalities, but they aren’t foolproof. Blocking a user, on the other hand, can be more effective but remember it halts all interactions between both profiles during the block.

If these methods seem complicated, there’s an alternative, especially if the story is shared on Instagram. Websites like make anonymous viewing simpler on Instagram.

As you consider these methods, remember there’s a balance to strike. Your desire for privacy and anonymity comes with ethical considerations. It’s not just about viewing a story unseen but respecting the privacy norms that shape our online interactions. Each method brings you a step closer to anonymity but requires thoughtful navigation in the world of social media.


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