SEO copywriting is a method of writing content for websites that attracts an audience and is search engine friendly. These texts are characterised by high quality and proper optimisation for search engine algorithms. How do you create them? In today’s article, you will learn how to write effective texts according to the principles of SEO copywriting.

1. Choose the right keyphrase

Choosing the right keyword is the most essential element of SEO copywriting. It is what the content will be based on and it determines whether the text will reach the top of the search engine.
Choosing the right keyphrase is a key element of SEO copywriting. When choosing a key phrase, it is worth paying attention to its popularity and competitiveness.

2. Write content that is helpful and valuable to users

SEO copywriting is not only about writing for search engines but also about creating content for users. SEO text should be interesting and useful, not just fill the page with a string of keywords. Satisfied viewers will keep coming back to your site, and this is one of the factors that affect SEO rankings.

3. Optimise content for SEO

SEO copywriting is, of course, about optimising content for search engine algorithms. In addition to keywords, the text must have the right structure – headings (H2, H3, H4, etc.), paragraphs, internal links, external links and images. All these elements allow search engine algorithms to better understand the topic and purpose of the page.

4. Create texts that are clear and readable for your audience

Appropriate text formation, division into headings and paragraphs and images are also important for another reason – they make the text clearer and more readable for users. In addition, short sentences, lists, bullets and all kinds of infographics make the text easier to read and understand. Remember also that users are overwhelmingly browsing on smartphones, so the text should be adapted to different screen sizes (responsive).

5. Use the services of professionals

If you are not familiar with SEO or do not have the time to create SEO content yourself, use the help of a professional agency or freelancer. Do your research not only on Google but also on Facebook groups and have your content written by professionals.

6. Create original, stand-out and effective content

Remember that SEO copywriting is just a tool. A good text should fulfil its purpose, which is, for example, to convince users to buy a product or sign up for a newsletter. So when focusing on SEO, don’t forget that your texts should be persuasive and direct your message to a real human being. Traffic alone will get you nowhere if the texts on the page do not carry any message.

SEO copywriting - how to write good texts. 6 rulesSummary

In summary, SEO Copywriting is a way of creating content to achieve high rankings in search results. However, choosing keywords and optimising content for SEO is not enough. It is worth remembering that a good SEO text carries a specific message to the reader. Therefore, if we want the recipient to take a specific action after reading the text, such as joining a mailing list or buying a product, we need to use appropriate persuasion techniques.


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