In human contact, conflicts are inevitable. It is perfectly normal for people to argue. Sometimes, under the influence of emotion, one side decides to break the relationship with the other, for example by blocking them on Facebook or Messenger. Of course, this is not the only reason why people do not want to keep in touch with each other. If someone is pushy or aggressive, we have every right to break off all contact with them and inform the police of the threat.

Hopefully, you don’t want to stalk anyone and the fact that you have been blocked on Messenger is due to a simple argument. If this is the case, I encourage you to read my post today. However, if you have bad intentions, please leave my site.

Find out if you have been blocked on Messenger only or also on Facebook

To start with, it’s worth checking whether you’ve only been blocked on Messenger or also on Facebook. If the person you would like to keep in touch with has only blocked you on Messenger, you can still view their posts and Stories. In addition, it is possible to react and comment on their publications and even write posts on their wall.

If someone has blocked you on Messenger but not removed you from their friends and not blocked you on FB, they probably didn’t want to permanently end your relationship. So there is a good chance that once the argument is cleared up, things will return to normal between you. However, it is possible that this user did not know that simply being blocked on Messenger is not the same as being removed from Facebook. It is worth bearing this in mind.

If you have been blocked on Facebook, you will not see that person’s profile on the platform at all. Being blocked from Facebook also includes Messenger. If your friend has decided to take this step, their intention was probably to permanently cut off contact with you.

How do I find out if I have been blocked on Messenger and/or Facebook?

Finding out if we’ve been blocked on Facebook or Messenger is fairly straightforward. As I mentioned earlier, a person who is blocked on Facebook cannot see the profile of the user who has chosen to do so. Your profiles cease to exist for each other.

So if you can’t find your friend’s Facebook account and you don’t see them in your Messenger contact list, you’ve most likely been blocked by them.

However, it is also possible that your friend has simply deleted his or her Facebook account and thus you cannot find him or her. Ask a trusted person among your mutual friends whether they can see his or her profile. Then the situation will become clear.

If, on the other hand, your friend has only blocked you on Messenger, you will still see them in your contact list. In addition, you can easily see his or her activity status, i.e. whether or not he or she is online. The only thing you will lose is the ability to send messages to them. After such an attempt, you will receive a feedback message on Messenger saying “You can’t reply to this conversation”. However, you will not lose access to your older messages.

How can I message someone who blocked me on Messenger? Graphic

How can I message someone who blocked me on Messenger?

Let’s get to the heart of the matter, which is how to write to the person who blocked us on Messenger. Whether you have been blocked on Facebook or on Messenger itself, the options are the same.

The best way is to contact your friend outside of Facebook. You won’t send him or her a message on Messenger anyway, and writing through your friends or, worse, spamming their wall, will only make things worse. I also advise against setting up fake accounts and trying to contact the person from a profile that isn’t yours.

How can I message someone who blocked me on Messenger - send SMS or callIf you have the phone number of the person who blocked you, simply send them a text message. Write that you are sorry for the damage done to your relationship and that you would like to fix the situation. Mention that you have good intentions and don’t want to argue. This is important because the other side may be afraid of confrontation. Ask for a meeting or a phone call and calmly explain the misunderstanding.

If you do not have the phone number of the person who blocked you, you can look for them on other social media (for example on Instagram) and send a similar message there. Eventually, you can also ask one of your mutual friends to pass on a note with a few kind words and a desire for reconciliation.

How can I message someone who blocked me on Messenger - send a message on InstagramRemember, however, that even if you are the first to reach out for agreement, your friend will not be obliged to maintain a relationship with you. The other side has the right to refuse and break contact with you, and you must respect that.

However, I believe that through honest conversation and a genuine desire for reconciliation, any conflict can be resolved. I hope you can write to the person who blocked you on Messenger and that you can successfully renew your relationship.


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